Although I took art classes at University of Calgary, I’m mostly a self-taught artist working from
my studio in the foothills above Boulder, Colorado. I have hovered around the fringes of art my
whole life. At 24, I owned a print gallery specializing in serigraphs, silk screens and rock & roll
posters. Later, in my marketing career, I worked with some of the largest ad agencies in the
country, often with very creative advertising folks, packaging designers and graphic illustrators.
On the print side, I’ve owned a printing company in Vancouver, Canada for 44 years.

Fifteen years ago, I began my serious phase of photography. Workshops with Ralph Gibson,
Frank Ockenfells III, Duane Michaels, Howard Schatz, Dan Winters, and Peter Turnley added to
my skills and, importantly, inspired me to make better photographs. I always came away with a
new point of view. Over a ten-year period, I also had the experience of seeing amazing
presentations by dozens of exceptional photographers at Jeff Dunas’s Palm Springs Photo

Professionally I served on the board of the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins and
later as chair at Colorado Photographic Arts Center in Denver which celebrated its 60 th year this
past July.

Bending Shadows and Color, Shadow, Shape projects were exhibited at the Dairy Arts
Center in 2015. The same year, Tools of Desire was exhibited at Mike Wright Gallery in
Denver. The Diptych project, involving 45 prints, was exhibited at Dairy Arts Center in 2021.
My photography macro point of view has always been to photograph something new, new to
me, new to the world. Though this notion is quite impossible, the process of trying is
rewarding. In the summer of 2023, I made six books. Scapes – A tiny slice of the planet,
Portraits at Rest – Elevating the ordinary, Bending Shadows – Version 2.0, Palm Springs
Boxing Club – Haven for local youth, Palm Springs Shoe Repair – Mom, Pop and the Kids,
and Diptych – Stories between the borders and around the edges.

I view my books as my art as much as my prints. They are a form of creative expression telling
my stories. I can communicate ideas, emotions, and an immersive experience for the reader
better than with a single print. It’s also nice to restore a tactile feel in the age of digital. My
books are not made for bookstore distribution in the traditional sense. They are limited
additions including a print. A few have handmade covers. I’m experimenting with new ideas
for my books including commissioning a classical music score for the book Scapes.