Keith Brenner works from his studio high above Boulder, Colorado. Located at 7000 feet and facing due east, the early morning light is almost horizontal as it rises above the plains and fills his studio each morning. Brenner uses this light to create a unique point of views of Still life.

He has focused his passion on Still-life for the past few years yielding a series of studies with simple objects. Central to his work is discovering and expressing an uncommon view of common objects. In the case of his books “Bending Shadows” and “Color, Shadow, Shape” it was a two year exploration with early morning light from his Colorado studio. Still-life beckons deep observation. The more you look the more you see what is not at first, obvious. Finding an unusual point-of-view is always a joyful reward. Our DNA programs us to focus on faces not so much on forks or hammers.   When you do, you can be rewarded with a unique view and maybe a new understanding of beauty and form.